The Inovas team was joined in 1999 as a endeavor of company and individuals with main target EPS cup machines with extremely low energy consuption.

         A key to this goal was inventing a mould with inovative design and technology to make it. In the middle of the year 2001 we create a machine which produces EPS cups with 10 times less steam consumption than the existing machines on the market.

Since then we started experimental production  of EPS cups and kept improving our machines and moulds till achieving durable and reliable operation for trouble-free production.

In the begining of 2006 after 100 million EPS cups produced we sell our prototype machines and INOVAS was born as a company offering machines and sollutions for EPS cups manufacturers.

Inovas EPS cup equipment was recognized by the customers as a technological breakthrough offering highly reliable and cost-efective solution on small footprint.

In recent years Inovas developed and completed it’s portfolio of EPS equipment, so we can operate as a turnkey solution provider for a complete EPS cup production.