Every EPS production starts with pre-expansion of the raw EPS beads. So the way raw material is pre-expanded, it has significant effect on the production process in terms of  durability and cup quality. Inovas decided to develop batch type pre-expander, due to their better density repeatebility and  purposely optimized for EPS cup production. The main advantage of the Inovas pre-expander is use of heated-air/steam mixture in the pre-expansion process. The resulting pre-expanded beads are advantageously very dry, have superior expansion capabilitiy and can be used immediately in molding of cups and containers. For this reason Inovas raw material treatment has the lowest footprint in industry without need for drying and sieving units and also big silos for ageing. One small silo 1m³ is enough for feeding 3-4 EPS cup machines.




Some of the distinctive features of the Inovas pre-expander are: 


- Automatically raw material transport to dose hopper with vacuum system

- Stainless steel isolated vessel

- Integrated electrical heater for the hot air with precise temperature control

- Air assisted transport of the expanded material to the silo




Summarizing the advantages 


- Uniform and repeatable result – due to batch type pre-expander

- Fully automatic from the the raw material ‘octabin’ to the silo

- Small steam consumption < 2kg/h

                - Lowest footprint 






Documents for download:

Technical specification InPre15