The EPS cup machine is the most important equipment in the EPS cup making line. For this reason Inovas was totally focused right from the beginning of their work to create EPS cup machine with extremely low energy consumption. We not only succeed in our target, but managed to develop a unique EPS cup machine with exceptionally low consumption requirements on all parameters.


       Summarizing the advantages of the Inovas EPS cup machine compared to all other EPS cup machines on the market:  


- 6-10 times less energy consumption (40kg/h steam versus 200-400kg/h).

        Note! Inovas EPS cup machines require 2.6-2.8 bars steam input pressure

- 2.5-3.0 times less air consumption ( 0.35m3/min air versus 1m3/min) .

- 4-8 times less water consumption ( 0.4m3/h water versus  1.5-2.5m3/h).    


     All these advantages  gives the following major benefits to our customers:


- Lowest cost of initial investments.    

- Lowest cost per cup.











Documents for download:

Technical specification InTermC06