Moulds are the key of the outstanding advantages of the Inovas EPS cup machines. Inovas succeed in developing moulds with unique design and technology to make it. As a result Inovas moulds are more than 10 times lighter, than traditional moulds in other EPS cup machines. Lowering the moulds weight in such a degree, create an opportunity to reduce significantly steam and cooling water consumption, enables quick heat transfer and overall decreasing of the machine weight and power requirements on compressed air. Other important feature of the design of the moulds is their thermal insulation from the holding plates. Also the fill units are insulated too, in order to avoid blocking with EPS and securing reliability. 




All these features of the moulds ensures the following advantages


    - short production cycles

    - high cup quality

    - lowest energy consumption

    - reliable and trouble free operation




         And finally despite the moulds are light and thin they have been designed with high quality materials and components such as stainless steel and nickel in order to ensure their long life. That’s why their warranty is 24 months, regardless of the cycles.